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Camp Sites

A good camp site can take many forms. For some, itís near a pristine stream on a mountain. For others itís deep in the woods, far away from the lights and noise of the city. Finally, for more and more, itís next to like minder campers, and comes with the hook ups for all the comforts of home; electricity, running water, and even internet access. Just like life, in order to be happy, you need to know what you want. Before you leave on your trip, you can use a simple tool to make camp site selection a snap. A pencil. Write down what youíre looking for, then rank it, so you can decide what a deal breaker is, and what you can live with. Hereís some things to consider on your list: For a minimalist camper, you have the fewest needs. They are however important. 1. Water source Ė the longer youíre out, the more critical this resource is. Of course you need to take your water treatment of choice. 2. Firewood Ė trekking it in is expensive, itís much better to be able to pick it up on site. Be aware of local regulations on gathering wood and campfires. 3. Level site- nothing worse than having rain pool directly underneath you. 4. Shade/Shelter from the wind Ė depending on the time of year this can be important. RV campers have their own issues to be concerned about. 1. Location- of course you want something scenic- but how many people and or pets do you want around? 2. Water/Sewer/Electrical hookups Ė make sure your rig is compatible with the camp ground hook ups. Nothing worse that arriving in the dark and trying to get things to fit. 3. Access Ė how tight is that turn in the park? Can you get back out if neighbors move in next site over in the middle of the night? The right planning can make sure you have a camping trip that is memorable for all the right reasons, and not the disasters you could have avoided.

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