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Motorcycle Camping

Ever since that first motorcycle was invented- riders have taken them on long rides- testing not only the machine's endurance, but their own. Combine that basic desire with a love the great outdoors, and it is not hard to see why motorcycle camping has become a popular hobby. Minimalist by its very nature- camping on with a bike demands rigid discipline on what you take, and what you use. Of course it's not all Spartan accommodations. Once retailers learned there was a market, it wasn't long until the first camp trailers, and even motorcycle towable popups made an appearance. The luxury is only limited only by your budget- and if you have a big bike you can get away with quite a lot in a camp trailer. Air conditioning, beds- even screens to keep the bugs out when you're parked out by the lake. Be prepared to pay top dollar for the privilege however- campers can set you back thousands of dollars. There are many purists who make do with what they can carry in their saddle bags- or with an old sleeping bag tied to the tale of the bike. For many campers, it’s the call of the road, and the camaraderie of their friends and family that make the trip special, and not the gear. You can have fun with that old sleeping bag and campfire under a starry sky. Also, by not taking a full load of gear, you can camp out in out of the way places. If you’re really adventurous you can even load up a back pack, and grab your dirt bike and REALLY get away from it all. If you do solo camp however, make sure you have a good cell phone WITH coverage. If the area is remote, you may want to consider a satellite phone. Yes, they’re expensive, but if you have an emergency no cost is too high save your life.

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