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Camping Area Attractions

When you and your family take a camping trip, it pays to consider the area attractions before you finalize on your camp site. There are basically two classes of area attraction, natural and manmade. Many of the features in national parks certainly count as attractions in and of themselves, such as the “Old Faithful” cone geyser in Yellowstone, and places like the Grand Canyon. They can however, be very crowded, and require reservations months, and even YEARS in advance. With a little bit of digging you can find lesser known- but no less interesting attractions for that camping trip – such as Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico (with convenient campgrounds nearby, of course), an astounding 80 feet deep column of 60 degree water that draws scuba divers to the desert. The red sandstone of the Valley of Fire park near Las Vegas is also something that most gamblers never see. Usually a quick visit to the website of the chamber of commerce for the city or town you are visiting will have all the details on the natural formations- and a few unnatural ones. You won’t see it on the nature channel, but the Winchester Mystery house in San Jose makes a fun day trip. Learn about the sad tale of Sarah Winchester, who spent 5.5 million dollars building one hundred sixty rooms- some of them to nowhere. Thinking about driving the RV and kids through Kansas? If so, stop by Cawker City- they’ve got a little ball of twine. It weight almost 18,000 pounds, and if you unwound it, it would stretch 1,475 MILES. Or maybe you’re taking in the sites in sunny Florida. You should visit Flat Maximo in St Augustine Alligator park- who just celebrated the big “Four O”. Did I mention they have a zip line ABOVE the alligator tanks? As you can see, there are many attractions off the beaten path that can make a camping trip more than a sleeping bag and a camp fire. With a little planning and your computer, you can turn a camping trip into a camping adventure.

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